These Two Slack Shortcuts Will Turn You Into a Keyboard Samurai


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So your company has made the switch to Slack, eh? But while the messaging service has helped streamline a number of internal communication issues, you’re not one to do anything half-assed. In order to truly master the new medium, you’re going to need to brush up on your keystroke game.

Slack may not be able to instantly create the muscle memory earned and learned by plugging away on those messages day in and day out, but the company does thankfully offer users two easy ways to learn the dozens of shortcuts built into the app.

The first of which seems obvious enough, once you figure out how to get there. Clicking on the Help button in the top Slack menu will allow you to select Keyboard Shortcuts…

…which in turn provides you with an immersive list of efficient triggers to make Slack magic happen even more easily:

But there’s a simpler way to queue up a list of usable shortcuts from within the body of a message itself. Simply hit the Forward Slash (/) button (the slash that shares real estate with the question mark), and a scrollable pop-up list of keystroke commands will appear for you to browse through:

With enough use, you’ll come to learn which of Slack’s dozens of keyboard shortcuts are actually useful to you, and you can go about quickly forgetting the rest of them. But until you get there, these two Slack tricks will keep you smoothly sailing along through the app.

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