Use ‘Action Items’ in Google Docs to Turn Comments Into Tasks for Your Team


Get Shift Done: Tips and Tricks

Google Docs is great for getting everyone literally on the same page. But sometimes it can be difficult to turn that feedback and group brainstorming into actionable tasks for people to go away and do.

Thankfully, Google has implemented ‘action items’ to help with this as part of the built-in commenting functionality. Here’s how to get started.

1. In your Google Doc, select the text you want to comment on:

2. Enter a ‘+’ symbol and then start typing the name of the person you want to assign this action to.

Note that if they’re not already in your Google contacts, then you’ll need to enter the assignee’s email address in full.

3. Complete the comment outlining what you’d like them to do, and check the ‘Assign to…’ box.

4. Tap the Assign button means your contact will get an email notifying them of your comment, and with a link to the document.

Note: When you do Step 4, you may get a pop-up like the one below. If so, it’s Google warning you that this person doesn’t currently have edit access. That might be because they’re outside of your organization, or just because you haven’t shared your doc with anyone yet.

Rectify this by tapping on the drop-down and selecting Can edit.

Once you’ve done this, then (as outlined above) your contact will get an email along with a link to the document. Action Items in Google Docs are an easy way to get on people’s to-do list, right from the document you’re editing!

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