Automatically Populate an Excel 365 Spreadsheet With SurveyMonkey Responses


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Data collected on platforms like SurveyMonkey can often be far easier to work with and analyze in an Excel spreadsheet. But manually transferring that data and keeping it up to date can be a huge pain.

Fortunately, Zapier offers a way to automate this process. The quickest way to find the workflow we’re looking for is to enter the apps we want to connect into Zapier’s search bar:

Beginning with SurveyMonkey:

And then Excel:

Having selected both, we’ll be presented with all the possible workflows and integrations Zapier offers for those platforms. In this case, there are only two results (and only one that actually integrates both apps).

When we choose the “Add new SurveyMonkey responses to an Excel spreadsheet” option, we’re directed to a page that offers more detail about the workflow. This is what we’re looking for, so we’ll create the Zap:

Unless you’re already using Zapier with one or both services, you’ll be prompted to link each account, starting with your SurveyMonkey account.

Once you’ve authorized Zapier’s access to SurveyMonkey, you’ll see your linked account back in Zapier. You can link more than one account, but you can only select one per workflow.

Zapier also needs to know which survey to pull response data from. If you have a bunch of surveys created already, you’ll need to choose one from the drop-down menu.

The next step is to select an action for Excel to perform, which is super easy in this case since there is only one option: Add Row. (Other workflows may have more actions to choose from).

Now you’ll need to connect your Excel account. You may have noticed back in the workflow detail that this will only work if you have a Onedrive for Business account. This means you won’t be able to link personal or student Office accounts — only Office365 accounts.

Finally, once you’ve connected both accounts you’ll be able to select where your data should populate. Find the folder on Onedrive where the spreadsheet is located > the spreadsheet itself > and the worksheet within that spreadsheet where you want your survey data to go. Zapier should be able to retrieve this data on its own, but you also have the option to add custom values such as the spreadsheet ID if you’re getting errors.

Now you should be set to automatically store new survey data within your chosen spreadsheet where you can manipulate, analyze, or display responses however you’d like.

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