Need More Twitter Followers? Try This Neat Trick With Statusbrew


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If you’re just getting started using Statusbrew, you’re probably trying to develop your business’ social media following. The best tool you need to learn right out of the gate is the Copy Followers/Following tool. It will make a huge impact on your Twitter following.

Here’s how to use it properly.

Click on the Audience tab on the main page.

Click on the Copy Followers/Following tool on the left side of the screen.

Now it’s time for a little research. Go to Twitter. Take a look at competitors in your field and make note of their Twitter account handles. Click back to Statusbrew and input one of your biggest competitor’s handles into the Username box.

Then, choose Copy Followers from the dropdown menu below the username box.

Tick the box beside Hide previously followed users if you have a Premium Account. This will prevent you from re-following accounts that you have already unfollowed, which makes you a lot less spammy.

Now press Go.

A list of all of your competitor’s followers will come up. Go through the list and follow each one by tapping on the big green Follow button beside each user name.

Rinse and repeat.

You see, these people are already interested in your industry, because they follow your competitor. So, they are prime followers. By following them first, you’re basically showing up on their radar. When they see that you followed them, many will follow you back.

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