How to Use Trello for Just About Anything


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If you only use Trello to manage projects, then you’re missing out on a whole world of goodness. Yep, you can do just about anything with this online task tracking tool and it’s time to open your eyes to the possibilities by showing you what’s possible.

The Trello board examples below have been curated from the company’s “Inspiration” section and are but a taste of what you’ll find in the many categories they’ve created:

Ready? Then buckle your seat belt and let’s go!

NOTE: if you like any one of these boards, follow the directions here to copy it and make it yours.

How to Use Trello for Your Job Hunt

The job hunt board is a one-look dashboard for your search that covers everything from prep work through tracking your new, present, and old opportunities.

How to Use Trello for Holiday Gift Tracking

Whether you’re sending gifts to clients or employees, you can use the corporate holiday gift board to stay on top of it all.

How to Use Trello for Your Book Club

Make sure everyone’s on the same page, and encourage interaction outside of meetings, with the book clubs board.

How to Use Trello for Giving

The donations board is just the thing when you need to track charitable requests and contributions throughout the year.

How to Use Trello for Your Bucket List

The bucket list board highlight one of the Trello’s greatest powers: the ability to not only list things but to take action on that list.

How to Use Trello to Plan Your Dungeons and Dragons Campaign

Now dungeon masters can easily plan how to kill off a party using the D&D campaign planning board.

How to Use Trello to Manage Your Honey Do List Agilely

Agile management just came home from the office with the agile household board that’ll keep any spouse on track.

How to Use Trello to Create a Guide for Out Of Town Guests

If you have a group of folks coming in for say, a wedding or reunion, then use the hosting out of town guests board to let them know where to stay, eat and play.

How to Use Trello to Train for a Marathon

In the run up to the race, the marathon training board makes it easy for you to centralize tips, plan your strategy and track your training efforts.

How to Use Trello to Create a Meal Plan and Shopping List

Brian’s meal planning board provides a beautiful way to to store recipes and a functional way to build a weekly grocery list.

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