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By YouTube ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Content creation is resource intensive. Leveraging each piece of content to multiple platforms increases its ROI, grows reach, and lets content teams focus on creating fresh, new content. Many brands produce video, but could get more out of them by converting them into white papers, blog posts, social media, and document sharing site content. If you upload your videos to YouTube, there’s a handy transcription feature that can make this process fast and relatively painless.

While many produced videos have an available script to work from, there are times when it’s unavailable. Also, transcribing live shot video such as interviews and trade show footage is an excellent way to get timely content up on the blog. That’s an excellent way to attract new visitors, give existing subscribers something to read, and keep the search engines happy.

The first step is clicking on the “more” icon under the video on YouTube.

Then, click on the transcript menu item, and after a short delay the video transcript is magically delivered in a text box for you to grab. The less background noise, music and other audio distractions are in the soundtrack, the more accurate the transcription will be.

Left click and scroll to highlight the transcript. I’m on Windows, so I use the “control C” / “control V” keyboard shortcuts for cutting and pasting, respectively.

Paste the transcript into MS Word or your favorite word processing program. Be aware that there will be some spelling and grammar errors, typically of the it’s/its and there/their/they’re variety. Go over the transcript with a fine tooth comb to catch these mistakes.

Delete the time codes, then punctuate and edit to taste. If you do have access to the original voice over script, that’s typically faster. If you don’t or there wasn’t one, as in the case of live video, using YouTube’s handy transcribe feature makes repurposing content that much easier. Hey, it’s free too, so ROI goes up.

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