The Secret Connection Between Applicant Tracking Systems and Company Size


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GSD SaaS Insights From Siftery Data

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If you’re wondering which applicant tracking system (ATS) to use in your recruiting efforts, you might want to start by measuring the size of your company.

Based on the latest numbers from our friends over at Siftery, the customer base of the top three recruiting and ATS solutions fall into one of three categories: large, small and medium respectively.

iCIMS Carries the Big Boys

The number one applicant tracking system with 1k+ customers logged in Siftery’s database is iCIMS. Its client base reads like a “who’s who” of industry giants including:

  • Amazon;
  • Home Depot
  • Sony
  • General Mills.

Greenhouse Looks After the Little Guys

In the number two spot, also with 1k+ customers logged in Siftery’s database, is Greenhouse. Though the company’s clients are small, they include many well known startups such as:

  • Patreon
  • WeWork
  • SendGrid
  • Layer.

Jobvite Covers the Middle

Number three in this market is Jobvite with 886 customers logged in Siftery’s database. Their customers are not too big and not too small and include:

  • GrubHub
  • Zulily
  • BigCommerce
  • Rosetta Stone.

Why Is the Market Split Like This?

While the split is not nearly 100%, there’s definitely a trend in the data. What’s behind the numbers? Perhaps it’s the size of the recruiting and applicant tracking system vendors themselves as measured by their employees registered on LinkedIn:

  • Large: iCIMS has 739 employees
  • Small: Greenhouse has 228 employees
  • Medium: Jobvite has 356 employees.

In the end, it may come down to how well each vendor understands their customers based on their own company size. And, when you start your search for an applicant tracking system, you may just be better off with the company that gets yours.

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