Save Money By Using Google Flights to Manage Your Ever-Changing Schedule


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We all know that the price of flights goes up and down in the days, weeks, and months before you board the plane. But did you know that you can track those changes in Google Flights? That way, instead of booking your flight right away, you can do it once you’ve got confirmation that the meeting is going ahead — and potentially at a lower price!

Here’s what to do.

1. Go to Google Flights and select where you’re flying from and to.

2. Add any requirements you have — such as the earliest time you’re willing to roll out of bed for your desired flight.

3. Move the ‘Track prices’ toggle switch to ON.

4. Click on the ‘hamburger’ menu to the top-left of the screen and then on Tracked prices.

5. Confirm that Google is tracking the cheapest flight for you.

You can repeat this process for multiple trips and Google Flights will track them all for you.

Emails will arrive in your inbox if:

  • The price of your selected flight changes;
  • There are cheaper fares within three days of your selected flight, or from a nearby airport;
  • Google has other travel tips for your trip.

Now, all you need to do is sit back and decide when to pull the trigger on booking your trip, knowing that Google Flights has your back, notifying you of any price changes.

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