Use Quip’s Real Time Messaging to Manage Collaborative Editing


Get Shift Done: Tips and Tricks

If you write or edit a lot of text, chances are that your inbox is stuffed full of multiple iterations of document drafts. Did you know that you can save time and the endless back and forth by utilizing Quip’s real time messaging system?

First, create a folder within Quip to establish your new project.

Then, name your campaign and give it a color code that goes along with your overall strategy so you stay organized and cohesive. For example, yellow could be email campaigns, red blog posts and so on and so forth.

Then, invite your collaborators, or create a private folder just for your reference.

Now, when you’re in the document with your team, make edits in real time that populate on the page. For example, I wrote “I am editing the document” and put it in bold, for dramatic effect.

Then, once I input “I am editing the document,” everyone on the thread can see that I made that I made that editorial change on the right side bar.

Which brings up an interesting point: if I have changes I’d like to make, or larger questions behind the editorial choices in general, how do I let the author know? Well, there are a couple of options.

First, for your iterations, make your edits inside the document. For example: if you’d rather say “I am now editing the document,” you can input your changes within the same draft on the right hand side….

Edit is within the document, on the right hand side of the page.

…and it’ll show, on the left hand side, that you made this change, and when you made it (1 minute ago).

Edit appears on the left hand side of the document.

Second, if you’re a fellow collaborator on the document and want to share your notes with the rest of the team, write a note on the right hand bar where it says “type a message”, and tag the person who you’re talking to in order to ensure they get the message .

If you’re worried about how the tone of your suggestion will come across to fellow team members, message your team member privately by clicking on the plus sign and sending your concern directly to the given contact via their name or email.

By incorporating Quip real-time messaging and overall best practices into your daily routine, you’ll save time, reduce turnaround, and produce higher quality work faster.

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