Save Time Billing Customers with PayPal’s Invoicing Tools


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While it can be a real chore to oversee, managing cash flow — aka getting paid — is a constant need for any business. PayPal offers a robust feature set to help you get paid faster with less hassle.

There are two serious time-saving “get paid” options available from PayPal: create an invoice template and an ongoing subscription button.

Note: PayPal has service fees depending on how the money flows from customers to you — in other words, whether the money comes from a PayPal account versus a credit card.

Start by logging in to the main PayPal dashboard and then select Tools > Invoicing from the top navigation bar.

Once there, there are two ways to make it easier on yourself when bill customers on an ongoing, monthly basis.

  1. You can create “items” which are a plug-and-play inventory of your products or services that you can add to or remove from each invoice.
  2. PayPal lets you build a template, complete with items, descriptions, and a generic message:

You can also create a monthly subscription button for customers. Click Tools > All Tools, as shown below and then Recurring Payments:

The Recurring Payments page offers a number of different payment buttons; head to the Create a Subscription button and in just a few more steps you will have a basic Subscribe button. You can copy the code to embed it on a website or copy a direct link that you can send to your customers via email.

Overall, the subscribe button process will make it easy for customers to become “repeat customers.” There are no up-front costs, and instead of sending invoices you have automated the billing process.

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