Bring ’em Back: Use Member Ratings in MailChimp to Reengage Your List


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It isn’t uncommon for 50% of a lists members to be inactive. But if you can reengage 20%, even 10% of those inactive members, the rewards can be high. That’s where a re-engagement campaign comes in.

MailChimp has a built in mechanism for identifying your less active list members: star ratings. The more stars a user has, the more engaged they’ve been. You can see the star ratings for your users in the List screen. Anyone with less than 3 stars isn’t very engaged.

With a re-engagement campaign, we want to target those users that have fewer than 3 stars, so let’s build a campaign that segments those users. Start by going into your Campaigns screen.

Click on the arrow next to Create Campaigns and choose a Regular campaign.

In the first step of creating a campaign, we want to select the segment to send to. Click on Group or new segment.

That brings up the options for defining the group you want to send to.

We want to reach all of our list members that are no longer engaged, so in the Subscribers match drop down, choose “all”.

Now we’ll tell MailChimp who we want to send to. In the first drop down we want to identify the main characteristic of the group. In this case, we want to use the Member Rating to define the segment.

Because we’re looking for list members that have become inactive, we want the segment to be people who have a Member Rating with less than 3 stars, so choose “is less than”. We don’t want it to be equal to 2 stars (using the “is” condition) because we’d lose all of the people that have only 1 star. Using “is less than” will give us everyone that has 2 or 1 star. Last, make sure the rating is set to 3 stars and click Next at the bottom of the screen.

The next few steps are business-as-usual when creating a Mailchimp campaign. First set up the Campaign info.

Next choose a template.

Then design your email.

Once you’re done creating your message, you’ll end up at the confirmation screen. There is a link for the Segmentation Conditions. It’s a good idea to click on that and make sure, one last time, that you’re targeting the right group. As you can see here, we’re targeting list members where the Member Rating is less than 3 stars.

Send or schedule your message as you would any other and get those users re-engaged with your brand! And keep in mind — you can also use Member Rating to reach your most engaged members, too, for things like special offers and messages to your best customers.

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