Use ‘Custom fields’ to Add Context To Your Entire Trello Board


Get Shift Done: Tips and Tricks

Trello recently added a new ‘Power-Up’ giving users the ability to add ‘custom fields’ to cards. This means you can add at-a-glance detail and context to your whole board.

Let’s say you’ve got a whole raft of things to get done in the day. How can you see which is most important, without going into each card? Trello now solves your problem by enabling you to surface custom fields such as importance:

Here’s how to get started. First of all, enable the ‘Custom Fields’ Power-Up by ensuring the board is part of an organization, and then going to Menu and then Power-Ups.

To add Custom Fields, click on any card and then on Custom Fields to the right-hand side under Power-Ups.

Click Create a custom field, and enter the details as shown below:

We’ve used a series of three exclamation points here, but you could use anything you wanted from Emojipedia or your device’s built in emoji functionality.

Now, you can go into any card you want and select how important it is:

All done! Now, as shown at top, you can see at-a-glance not only what’s on deck, but how important each to-do item you’ve got actually is.

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