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There are still thousands of people who use Microsoft Word to create and edit documents. I’m doing so right now, but I love having those documents in the cloud to review them from any location and any device. Well, there’s a stellar little plug-in for Microsoft Office users who want the best of both worlds.

Note: this plugin only works on Windows computers.

Head to Google’s “Drive for Office” page to download and install this helpful tool. After install, you are almost done. When you next start Microsoft Word, Excel, or Powerpoint, the pop-up screen below opens and requires just a few more steps to authenticate your Google account credentials. To start, click the “Get Started” button:

Then you will notice a new menu item at the very top of your menu bar called Google Drive. Once you click that new menu item, the first option is the one you want: Save to Drive:

You can now save documents on your main hard drive, but quickly back them up from within that same document, spreadsheet, or presentation direct to the cloud.

One final note: if you allow Google Docs to “restructure” your files in their equivalent native Google formats, Drive won’t count them against your storage quota. If you keep your files in their Word, Excel or Powerpoint formats, Drive will count them against your total storage.

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