Dropbox Paper Will Revolutionize Your Meeting Notes and Follow-Up


Get Shift Done: Tips and Tricks

All too often, one person at a meeting captures the list of to-dos and then emails it to the team where it’s easily lost in each person’s inbox. Now, thanks to Dropbox Paper, you can collaborate on meeting notes, share feedback, and track progress, either from your desk or on the go.

Let’s dive into some of these helpful features further.

Tag Attendees that were in the meeting to stay organized and assign tasks to them within the doc.

This sounds straightforward enough, but don’t underestimate the impact. Rather than just including someone passively on meeting notes via email, this encourages active participation, especially with the call-outs. By specifically tagging someone within the document and requesting completion of a task, it really increases their accountability.

Scratch off items on your to-do list by clicking on the Plus sign to the left of the icon.

Because lets face it, the only thing better than getting stuff done is letting your team know about it.

Embed images to illustrate your ideas.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and if you work in any product-facing role they are worth a million. Happily, Dropbox Paper can handle images.

If you left click on the plus sign to the left of notes, you will find a list of icons. If you hover on the image on the leftmost side, it enables you to upload an image, which is very handy when it comes to gathering feedback and next steps regarding a follow-up iteration.

Comment anywhere on the right hand side of the doc. When you hover over the right hand side, a comment icon will appear that enables you to share your thoughts and ideas around any of the initiatives discussed.

You can also tag someone’s name to discuss a question you have for a particular individual.

With these tips at your disposal, meeting notes will never be unproductive again. Dropbox Paper is still in beta mode but it’s already proving itself as an invaluable resource that’s here to stay.


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