Siftery Helps You Choose Online Solutions that Work With the Tools You Already Use


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Adding a new online solution to the lineup your company already uses can be a challenge. After all, how do you know they’ll all work together? It used to take a time-consuming combination of research and trial and error to answer that question. That is, until Siftery came along.

Siftery is a unique beast. One-third web crawler, one-third data warehouse and one-third a set of useful tools, Siftery is really the only spot where you can easily discover which online solutions play well together. Here’s how:

Signing up with Siftery is free. Once you do so, you’ll be prompted to add the solutions you already use, your “stack,” to your company profile. Once you’ve done so, you can view the list via your profile:

You can also add new products you use at any time:

Let’s say you wanted to find a new marketing automation solution for your company. First, you’d use the “Product Categories” drop-down and select “All Categories”:

Next, you’d click on the “Marketing Automation” link:

The next screen (below) lists the marketing automation solutions in Siftery’s database. You can sort the list by the number of customers that use each solution or by the fact that they fit with your stack. Since this is what we want, you’ll use the latter.

As you can see, the degree that each solution fits your existing stack is shown on each listing. To learn more, you can click on each solution. You try “Agile CRM” first:

The following screen gives you lots of information, but the key here is why it fits your current set of solutions. By hovering over the “GOOD FIT” image, you can find that out:

From here, you can go back and check other solutions in the same way. Once you’ve identified the small subset of online tools that fit your current stack, you can do a much more focused deep dive to make your selection.

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