Fall’s Top Ten Most Recommended Stories


NewCo Shift readers –

In the past two months we’ve had the honor to run some extraordinary stories, written by some of the best minds in business today. Here’s our top ten — the stories that resonated the most with you, our readers.

#10 —When 5 Billion Customers Shift Their Habits, You Shift With Them. Readers resonated with Marc Pritchard, the CMO of CPG giant P&G. More than 7,000 readers and 100 recommends place this at #10 on our list this Fall.

#9 An Open Letter to Healtcare.gov: I Can’t Afford to Be Sick. A deeply felt story of how hard it is to navigate our bloated and ineffective healthcare system. Nearly 4,000 of you read the piece, and 250 of you responded with recommendations.

#8 Who Should a Startup Hire First? Bloomberg Beta’s Roy Bahat has advice for founders everywhere: Hire someone who is as good or better than you are, not someone who has skills you don’t have. More than 21,000 readers recommended his post nearly 300 times.

#7 Our Civic Duty as Techies. Penned by the CTO of the US Government and the founder of Code for America, this call to action was read by more than 7,000 of you, garnering nearly 400 recommends.

#6 WTF?! I wrote this post on Election night, when it became apparent that my candidate had lost. I realized — too late — that I was out of touch with our country, and it appears a lot of folks agreed. More than 350 recommends and nearly 10,000 readers shared (or gloated in) my pain.

#5 Self Driving Cars Are Not “Five Years Away.” My column on the tech industry’s tendency to ignore the “messy human bits” hit a chord, with nearly 500 recommends and 16,000 views. Related: The Morality of Surge Pricing, which earned just over 400 recommends.

#4 What I Discovered About Trump and Clinton From Analyzing 4 Million Facebook Posts What happens when a data-driven researcher takes a long, hard look at one of the most contentious issues of the election — Facebook’s impact on our collective political conversation? Find out in this insight laden piece — which garnered 523 recommends and 50,000 readers.

#3 The End of Tech Companies. IBM’s VP of Analytics struck a major chord with his piece on the future of business. More than 550 recommends and 45,000 readers engaged with this prescient piece.

#2 Here’s What Happens When You Give $1,000 to Someone in Extreme Poverty. The most read story of the Fall gives readers a glimpse into how micro-loans can directly change lives in Africa. More than 600,000 readers gave the story 585 recommends, making it our second most recommended story of the Fall.

#1 What $50 Buys You at Huaqiangbei, the World’s Most Fascinating Electronic Market. Our top story of the past two months is a deep dive into one of the most fascinating marketplaces in the world, where you can buy just about anything you might need, if your needs run toward electronics. Nearly 160,000 readers and more than 650 recommends make this our top story of the Fall.

And one bonus story: Introducing GSD: Get Shift Done. Two weeks ago, we introduced a new section of NewCo Shift focused on helping the platform economy workforce do their jobs. Nearly 5,000 of you read the letter (thank you!). We hope you enjoy the new section!

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