Prioritizing Your Trello Tasks Using Labels


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Trello may be one of the the best platforms for organizing your tasks, but it has one glaring flaw: no baked-in “priority” indicator for task cards.

While this is an oversight I hope the team fixes in the future, there is a simple workaround — Trello’s “Labels” feature. With labels, you can color code each task and assign unique names to each color. Each board can even have an entirely different set of labels if you want to get that specific. Here’s how:

Open a task card and find the Labels button, which will take you to a menu of colors you can apply to your card. You can also edit your labels by clicking on the pencil icon on the front of your task card.

Open a task card and find the “Labels” button

Or, edit your labels by clicking on the pencil icon on the front of your task card

You can customize the text associated with each label, but note that only the color will display on the front of the card:

My chosen method of prioritization is based on Eisenhower’s Principle, so I’ll label each task as Urgent/Not Urgent and Important/Not Important. There are 10 different color choices though, so feel free to choose whatever method of categorization makes sense to you.

Now when you create a new task you can categorize it by both importance and urgency, enabling you to easily organize your cards within your lists.

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