What the fuck?

How did our country elect this guy? How? How am I so out of touch with the core of our nation, that I believed this outcome was impossible? How is it that every group I’m engaged with, from the boards I sit on to the conferences I attend, to the friends I eat dinner with, to the band I play with, to the companies I lead and invest in, to the schools and the universities my kids attend, to the pundits I follow…how is it that no one I’ve engaged with in an honest intellectual conversation over the past few months, NO ONE, thought it was possible that this could happen?

And yet, here it is. Here we are. How?

How stupid am I? How arrogant and how unaware?

How angry and dangerous and giddy are these people I have no understanding of?

What do I do? What? I am afraid of the people who voted this man into office. I am terrified that the grand experiment that was our country is over. What is next? How could I not realize this was going to happen? How did I not see that it was, apparently, inevitable?

And what, what do we do now?

What?! What. The. Fuck?!

PS, read these two pieces to feel better:

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