Increase Your Email Subscribers by Integrating MailChimp with Facebook


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One of the handier features of MailChimp is the ability to integrate with many of the common social platforms to grow your mailing list. In this tip, we’ll show you how to add a signup form to your Facebook Business Page.

The first step is to login at MailChimp. Now, click on your profile in the upper right corner of the screen (1), then drop down and select Account (2). Once in the account section, click on the Integrations menu item (3)and then the Facebook integration (4).

MailChimp will then take you to a Facebook authorization page where you’ll sign into your Facebook account.

You can only add a signup form to a Facebook business or fan page, not your personal profile however, you do need to sign in using your personal Facebook profile credentials.

Once you’ve signed in, you’ll go back to MailChimp’s Facebook integration dashboard.

Here, select the Facebook page you’d like to use (if you manage more than one page, you can select from a list).

Then indicate which MailChimp list you want to use. This is the list that people who sign-up on Facebook will be added to.

Choose yes for the signup tab option which will a new tab with your signup form to your Facebook page, and then use either the MailChimp form theme or drop down to Facebook-like option.

The final three steps identified in the above screenshot go like this:

If you don’t want the default “Email Signup” name on your Facebook tab, choose another name (1).

Then save (2) and lastly, click the “Text Connection” button to make sure everything works (3).

Now that the MailChimp part is all set up, you can make another tweak in Facebook: move the email signup tab up or down on your Facebook Page navigation menu. You will see that I dragged mine up higher on the list.

To move it, select Manage Tabs (1), then drag and drop Email Signup up or down (2).

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