These Electric Bikes From Faraday Will Make You Smile


NewCo Spotlight — One Minute Video

There is no doubt that transportation is linked to technological innovation, but can better transportation lead to more innovation? Some argue that public transport improves economic opportunities, enhances personal opportunities and drives economic growth within cities. But large infrastucture projects are expensive and can leave underserved neighborhoods behind. Here is when bicycles come in handy, which advocates say can greatly improve movement in urban areas, and they come with great health benefits for the riders. But getting more people on bikes has its challenges, like the fact that no ones wants to end a commute with the need to shower immediately after.

Faraday Bikes wants to solve that problem with their electric bikes, which they hope will brighten our commutes, help make our cities cleaner and more vibrant, and bring a smile to our faces. They want make people ride more bicycles, not because it is cheaper, faster, or better, but because people actually want to ride them. This is why the San Francisco-based company focused their efforts on the design, electric motor and app integration. Their goal: now you have no excuse not to use a bike to run errands, commute, or just go on a joy ride. — Octavio Raygoza

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