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So, you’ve taken on the lead system implementation role, and finally your retail business has made the decision to make the leap to a more robust cloud-based point of sale system. Everyone is excited about the move, but hold on, are you missing something —how sure are you that the new application will play nice in the sandbox with your other applications?

Sounds funny right? But it’s unlikely anyone will get a chuckle out of a scenario where employees are left dealing with incorrect data or orphaned records passed from one system to another…if passed along at all.

Applications that don’t integrate well will create more problems than they solve, so do your homework before making a selection.

Don’t miss this key step in your SaaS selection

For example, if your business plans to implement a new retail, restaurant, or ecommerce point-of-sale system, such as Lightspeed or eposnow, confirm with each vendor how well it integrates with the employee scheduling system you currently use, or plan to use.

Typically SaaS vendors (like in this example with Lightspeed) will keep a running list of all app integrations on their site. This takes some of the initial guess work out, and makes it easier to move to the next step

If an app you prefer isn’t on the vendor’s integration list, call them to see what can be done….it’s possible that they’re already working on integrating with it. Don’t be afraid to ask for demos that deal with specific integrations, and discuss issues you currently have and want addressed.

As an implementation lead it’s a key step to ensure all selected software is able to play nice in the sandbox with others.

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