This Voice Typing Tool in Google Docs Can Save You a Shiftload of Time and Money


Get Shift Done: Tips and Tricks

Do you record your thoughts in voice notes and then have someone transcribe them? Or, do you want to use voice recognition software, but find it too pricey? You can cut the time and money it takes to transcribe your words by using Google Docs’ voice typing tool.

To start, go up to the main menu of your document. Click on Tools.

Choose Voice Typing from the dropdown menu.

A box will pop up on the left side of the screen. Click on the dropdown menu at the top of the box to choose your language. If you speak United States English it will already be selected.

Then, when you’re ready, click the Microphone icon and start chatting away.

Say “period” to end a sentence or “new line” to start a new paragraph. When you’re done, click on the Microphone icon.

This tool is much more accurate than many premium transcribing software programs, and hey, it’s free.

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