How to Productively Stalk your Co-Workers using Dropbox Paper


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Photo by Bernard Goldbach

Did you know that you can use Dropbox Paper to ‘productively stalk’ your colleagues? This goes way beyond the simple ‘read receipts’ in email that you might be used to seeing in your inbox.

Instead of attaching a document to an email, you just use Dropbox Paper to send a link to it instead. You can give people edit-level or comment-level permissions and you can also control whether to share your document with:

  • specific people
  • everyone at your organization (if your org is setup on Dropbox), or
  • anyone who has the link

Instead of hitting refresh on your inbox, waiting for someone — anyone — to reply, with Dropbox Paper you can see updates right in the browser itself — real time. The screenshot below, from the Dropbox blog, shows the kind of productivity utopia you can expect.

Photo courtesy of Dropbox

The beauty of this approach is that Dropbox Paper will show you when your colleagues view and comment on your handiwork. Now you have proof that they’ve seen your masterpiece and version control is no longer an issue. Imagine that! You don’t have to manually merge comments from multiple documents into one place.

So no more hand-wringing to see if anyone’s paying attention to the hours you’ve put into crafting the perfect document. Now, you can give your co-workers a nudge and, better yet, call them out if they claim to have read something you know they haven’t!

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