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Save Money By Using Google Flights to Manage Your Ever-Changing Schedule

We all know that the price of flights goes up and down in the days, weeks, and months before you board the plane. But did you know that you can track those changes in Google Flights? That way, instead of booking your flight right away, you can do it once you’ve got confirmation that the meeting is going ahead — and potentially at a lower price!

Here’s How to Standardize Your Company’s Slack Usernames (and Simplify the Service)

Without structure and guidance, Slack can quickly devolve into an impenetrable GIF parade of posts by seemingly anonymous users. An easy way to avoid that fate is to set a universal username format. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Use ‘Custom fields’ to Add Context To Your Entire Trello Board

Trello recently added a new ‘Power-Up’ giving users the ability to add ‘custom fields’ to cards. This means you can add at-a-glance detail and context to your whole board.

This Tool Makes Designing in Google Slides a No-Brainer

Creating interesting slides can be an art form, but many of us don’t have the time to finesse each slide. Lucky, Google Slides has a feature that can make things pretty with just a few clicks.

Submit Your Expense Receipts Via Dropbox Right from Your Lockscreen

The Dropbox app for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) has this neat little trick to help you keep up-to-date with your expense receipts. The great thing about this approach is that, once you’ve set it up, there’s no need to go any further than your lockscreen to snap a receipt when say, taking a client to dinner.

How to Create a Dynamic Chart in Google Sheets Using Google Forms

Google Forms is an extremely handy application in the Google Drive suite. You can use Forms to collaborate on documents, transfer files to other users, and create web forms that submit the data right into a Google Spreadsheet. But Google Forms are even more powerful when you integrate them with Google Sheets.

Colorblind? Here’s How to Customize Slack to Make It Work for You.

Slack, for most of us, is either a ridiculously effective messaging and organizational tool or an undeniably addictive platform for posting GIFs and procrastinating on the company dime. But for those afflicted by colorblindness, Slack is just another whirring and buzzing rectangle taking up space on the screen.

Build Your Business Network From Gmail With Rapportive

Networking is all about connecting with individuals both in and outside of your field to expand your opportunities. But if reaching out to people you don’t know feels daunting, focus on the people you already know by using the Rapportive Chrome extension.

Prioritizing Your Trello Tasks Using Labels

Trello may be one of the the best platforms for organizing your tasks, but it has one glaring flaw: no baked-in “priority” indicator for task cards.

How to Change the Format Microsoft Word 365 Saves In — Every Time

This is a tip I wish I’d known back when one of my clients needed everything in Word 97 format: you can configure Word 365 to save all of your files in something other than Word’s default .docx format — automatically.

Filter Gmail To Delegate Routine Email to Your Assistants — Safely

Plenty of managers are smart enough to get help with their daily email traffic. But many people don’t realize that they can give assistants access to only part of the load. Private correspondence stays private, while delegated items are routed to an assistant immediately. Here’s how this simple Gmail automation works.

Close Deals Faster Using Evernote to Manage Sales Process Steps

One under-used feature of Evernote is templates. Here’s a way you can use a template, complete with checkboxes, to make sure your sales team uses the correct workflow when ‘closing’ a customer. By assuring nothing is missed, you’ll avoid both the time and frustration of having to go back for items that slipped through the cracks.

Add Colorful Charts to Your Google Spreadsheets

Executives and clients often like to see a visualization of the numbers you are presenting, and they certainly can help tell your story clearly.

Use Slack’s Advanced Search to Find Lost Files, URLs, or the Terrible Jokes None of Your Coworkers Truly Appreciate

For the majority of Slack users, the messaging app is a quick-moving torrent of information. Critical memos, links and files can easily disappear among endless channels of competing messages from team members.

Stay on Top of Your To-Do List by Automatically Adding Tasks to Asana from Outlook

Let’s be real: email isn’t going anywhere in the near future. That means the ability to integrate your inbox with the online solutions you use everyday is more important than ever.

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