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Managing shift — Platforms? SAAS? Employees? Decisions? You got this.

Don’t Sign That Non-Disclosure Agreement. Not Yet, Anyway.

My three co-workers sat around the conference table while the legal forms were handed out, shuffled to each developer like oversize playing cards. The technical conversation continued for a while, going into details about the contract project’s timing and scope. At some point, the client’s representative — it was a big software company — looked down at the unsigned paperwork, and said, “You need to sign the nondisclosure agreement and work-for-hire form before we can continue.”

Can Your Employees Get Comfortable with Being Tracked? These Tips Will Help

Cloud-based tracking software, such as email trackers or browser recorders, are common in today’s business environment. That doesn’t mean your employees are particularly thrilled with the idea. Running a successful business hinges, at least in part, on the happiness of your employees. So before you rev up that tracking software, here are a couple of way to make your employees as comfortable as possible.

Line management 101 — Getting the basics right

Congratulations you’ve been promoted to management! You’re excited but somewhat daunted, because holy crap, you are now responsible for the management of other human beings which feels like a huge responsibility. And you have no idea where to start. This article is for you:

3 Ways to Manage Meeting Schedules More Productively

Setting up meetings can be tedious and time-consuming. How many email threads have you endured with a dozen messages asking, “How about Tuesday at 3? No? Monday at 4?” Surely, you think, there’s a better way. And with the help of these three guidelines, there is.

Design as the New Management

Business gurus love buzzwords. One of the buzzwords that’s got a lot of attention in the past few years is “design,” or more specifically, “design thinking.”

Is Your Company Ready for an Audit?

Big or small, simple or complicated, no business or business owner gets excited at the thought of being audited. One way to lower the pain of a company audit is to prepare ahead of time and the key to doing so is to have the right accounting and tax software in place.

How to Stop Falling Prey to Manual Processes

If you’ve ever had to use a purely manual process, you understand why the phrase “work smarter not harder” is so popular.

Manual processes are often inefficient, redundant, and fraught with opportunities for error. That’s not a winning combination.

Helicopter Management, Teal, and Stirring The Soup

The irony of fostering autonomous and self-organizing teams is that it eventually negates the need for traditional management. This is a common pattern observed during re-orgs and “transformations”.

6 Financial Facts Solo Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Whether you’re working on a killer startup with a few pals or embarking on a career of self-employment, you’re about to discover what life is like when you have maximal control.

Should You Upgrade from Gmail to Inbox (Hint: You Probably Should)

Online email systems perform the valuable service of filtering out spam at the server before it can clog up our local Internet connection. But even Gmail has its issues, mostly in the design of its web and mobile clients, which tend towards cluttered displays and unnecessary notifications. Who needs an alert that you just got 10 new emails, when none of them are of actual interest?

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