NewCo Five — Universal Basic Income


The NewCo Five collects the five most important stories for the NewCo economy that our editors found over the past seven days

1. Universal basic income may seem unrealistic and unaffordable. They said that about Social Security and Medicare, too (James Surowiecki, The New Yorker)

2. How do you get Rupert Murdoch to acknowledge climate change? Pay him (Paul Farhi, Washington Post)

3. Buffer tells the truth, the whole truth, about a tough layoff and what it means (Joel Gascoigne, Buffer blog)

4. More than half of all Americans don’t take off all the paid time they have coming (Madeline Farber, Fortune)

5. Pharmaceutical Kickbacks Aren’t What They Used To Be But They’re Still Effective (Peter Loftus, Wall Street Journal)

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