A requiem for my inbox


My inbox at newco.co is clean. Happy, focused, awesome clean. Everything that comes in, I want to respond to. It’s…paradise.

Email isn’t always like that for me. My “long term” email at battellemedia.com has grown a crufty beard. It’s been out in the wilds of third-party data sales for well over a decade, and even Gmail’s algos can’t put that genie back in the bottle. Put simply, it’s 50–75% shite. But the remaining 25–50% is worth the shite.

But… newco.co? Clean as a three-bladed razor, fresh from the pack.

Then, tonight, this happened.

I’d delete it without thinking, had I been in my crufty old mailbox. Maybe I’d even mark it as spam (a feature in Gmail with unknown ripple effects). But this was an aberration — an announcement which stated, unequivocally, that my shiny new newco.co email had tipped. It was out there, being traded on the gray market. And many, many more of these will be winging their way to me.

A requiem for my newest email, then. A dram of whiskey, a pour for the dead. Sigh.

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