NewCo Five — City to Experiment with Car-Free Zone


Photo by: Ted & Dani Percival

1. Barcelona is using the unique design of its city to experiment with a car-free zone (Marta Bausells, The Guardian)

2. Theranos wants to take back many claims about its blood-testing devices. It’s probably too late (John Carreyrou, Wall Street Journal)

3. Mergers are more likely to succeed if you focus on adding value to the acquired company, not extracting value from it (Roger L. Martin, Harvard Business Review)

4. Atlassian sold $320 million of software last year. It did so without any sales staff (Dina Bass, Businessweek)

5. Google’s newest app has end-to-end encryption but it’s turned off by default. Is it to placate governments? (Ellen Nakashima and Hayley Tsukayama, Los Angeles Times)

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