The NewCo Five


Each week NewCo Shift selects the top five stories you can’t miss.

1. Move Along, People. The Singularity Is Not Coming Any Time Soon. (John Markoff, New York Times)

2. Thanks To His Offshore Investments, Might David Cameron Be the New Warren Buffett? (Jason Karaian, Quartz)

3. Hey Zuckulus! What Are You Doing With All That User Data? (Sen. Al Franken)

4. Crowdfunding Gets Companies More Than Money: It Garners Powerful New Feedback Too (Michael A. Stanko and David H. Henard, MIT Sloan Management Review)

5. Top Sharing Economies Are About to Become Profitable. The Taxman Isn’t Ready (David Kocieniewski, Businessweek)

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