Our First Week on Medium



This is the first of what will be occasional series of missives to the pioneers who have added NewCo Shift to their diet of Medium reading.

First off, thank you! Thank you for visiting our new home on Medium, and for taking the journey with us as we explore “the biggest shift in business since the industrial revolution.” We really are just getting started, ramping up our editorial engines, working with world class designers, and figuring out the best way to get our arms around a story that’s both quickening and morphing every day.

It was a momentous week. On Tuesday Medium announced its new publishing platform, with NewCo Shift as one of a dozen initial partners. At the same time, we unveiled our new home page, replete with a number of new editorial features. In case you missed them:

The NewCo Weekly. Late last year we launched a daily newsletter which rounds up the most interesting NewCo stories from around the web. This week we added the Weekly, which includes a column written by yours truly. It also features the top five NewCo stories of the week. You can sign up here.

NewCo Spotlights. Like short form video that actually makes you smarter? So do we! We released the first two Spotlights this week, featuring two-minute interviews with super-interesting NewCo companies that are on a mission to change their chosen markets. Meet the CEO of Brigade, an issues-based political platform, and the co-founder of Atlas Obscura, a media company dedicated to getting you out into the world. We’ll be making lots more of these (those links go to Facebook, which is the medium we had in mind when we created Spotlight), and we hope you like them! (No seriously, like them on Facebook willya?!)

And then of course there’s the stories. This week we released several:

The Tech Story Is Over In this first column, I explain why we think the tech story has “migrated up the stack” to the entire economy.

Stuffed Under Panamanian Mattresses In which we discuss why the Panama Papers were pretty much inevitable, given the current state of capitalism.

NewCo Shift: An Overview. Everything you wanted to know about our new publication (we hope!).

Attention Writers, Designers, Graphic Artists, Storytellers, Editors, List Makers, and Infographic Jockeys… our call to our community to help us build NewCo Shift.

There’s a lot more coming – it’s our goal to work up a weekly and daily cadence of long form features, insightful video, and smart, shareable short form pieces.

Again, thank you for coming along for the ride, we’re so glad you’re here!

My best,

John Battelle, NewCo Shift EIC and the entire NewCo team

PS — If you’re so inclined, forward this to a friend, and help us grow the NewCo Shift movement!

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