Opening Up in Oakland


Clef is a seven-person security company in Oakland that believes passwords won’t exist in five years. It spent the last year working with diversity and human relations consultants to reimagine how the company operates. On Thursday, hours before its NewCoOAK session, the company shared its new employee handbook as open source on Github.

Some of its bold practices include opening up company salaries and policy for all to see. It’s Clef’s attempt to signal its values, to be a positive part of the city where its employees work and live, and to spread what it has identified as best practices to other companies who are reconsidering how they operate.

Clef was one of dozens of innovators at the first-ever NewCoOAK. Forward-looking companies in robotics, solar, and algorithms alongside others that are reimagining banking, social impact, and agriculture opened their doors. Like the big thinkers and dreamers we connect and celebrate at NewCo Festivals, this newsletter wants to explore what’s possible. If you know businesses who are making positive change, share with us at

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Photo Credit: Khari Johnson, NewCo

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